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A Complex Weave


Is the carpet you want really the carpet
you need?
“What is your favorite type of carpet?” It’s probably the most asked question I hear. Unfortunately, that is like asking a chef his favorite food or asking a parent to choose from their children. My answer is always the same, “I love them all but
for different reasons.” With so many designs, colors and patterns available, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick a favorite.

We are all introduced to the carpet world the same way – through our parents. Before the age of ten we already know the smooth carpet hanging in the dining room is a pure silk Qum and the thick piled carpet at grandpa’s house is a traditional wool Kashan. We are raised to appreciate the traditional Persian rug and taught to admire the quality and craftsmanship that went into its creation. By the age of twenty we have been conditioned into accepting our parents’ taste in carpets as our own. It isn’t until we go shopping for our own that we realize where our true taste lies.
I see it all the time. They come into the showroom asking for a traditional carpet, “I want an Isfahan carpet…because it is the best type, isn’t it?” they ask.

The process of finding the right carpet involves knowing the right size, colors and design
to compliment the room it will be in and I usually discover is that the carpet one wants isn’t the carpet one really needs. The main dilemma they encounter is feeling a sense of nostalgia towards the traditional designs but it just doesn’t fit into a modernized home and lifestyle. So when Khalid came into the showroom and told me he wanted a classic carpet but his wife wanted something modern, I told him I had something that might satisfy them both. That’s when I showed them the Vintage Over-Dye carpets.