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A Study in Solitude – Reza Doust


Reza Doust identifies himself as someone who wishes to look at the world with a different perspective every single day. To him, art serves many functions apart from decorating our homes and workplaces. According to him, “Art can have
many other important functions on which we should contemplate more profoundly. Art can revolutionize our perception of life, break taboos and change draconian traditions; and by so doing, it can help society become more lively and creative.” After three decades of being an artist, Reza firmly believes in the importance of the right medium to express oneself. Along with his art, he shares the knowledge he has gained along the way.

You speak about production vs. creation. What is your standpoint on the two (sometimes) coexisting concepts?
Every artist needs to have two main qualities in order to create art. The artist needs a unique capacity for recollection and to discover not only obvious but also subtle relations between visual elements that enable them to express thoughts, imagination and sentiment. This requires a profound understanding of appropriate techniques and methods that can best express the artist’s purpose. As such, any great artwork in the world is a masterful combination of these two qualities. That is, they are not only creations of the artist’s mind, but also a result of deep understanding of the right techniques and methods of expression. The artist’s language of choice helps the recipient get closer to what the artist has been striving to convey. The language of art or the method of expression is responsible for whether the work can stand the test of time.