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An Artist’s Prerogative – Amira Behbehani


What are your sources of inspiration?
It can be many things that inspire a painter. In my situation, sometimes I get inspired by reading a book or listening to a song. Other times the idea comes just like that, just the inner self imposes an idea.
What are your professional goals?
Through art I honestly would like to see people appreci-ate life and humanity more. In all my exhibitions, I have made sure to bring human feelings to the viewer.
Have you charted your evolution as an artist? How does your earliest work compare to your more recent forays?
I think I have done so. This is what I hear from closest friends whom I allow to have a sneak peak every time I work on a new idea. My nature does not like repetition, every time I have some new story to tell or feeling to expose.
How important is a signature style for an artist? What advice would you give an artist trying to maintain a consistent and recognizable body of work?
It is very important to keep a style or a signature and evolve it from time to time. An artist should develop as their mind and inner self are developing, otherwise they will find themselves stuck in this cycle which will be hard to get out of.