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Ghadah Alkandari: The Prolific Painter


Ghadah Alkandari’s blog, PrettyGreenBullet, is witness to the multitude of posts she adds on a daily basis. She has been exhibiting her work for almost two decades now, both in Kuwait and internationally. Ghadah talks about her journey and experiences along the way.


A lot of your works, especially your line drawings, derive from everyday life. In this regard, how does Ghadah – the person, influence Ghadah – the artist?
I don’t really distinguish one from the other. At some point in my life, the line between artist, mother, sister, daughter, aunty became not just blurred but destroyed. So it’s very natural for me to draw a woman and her broken toaster when I myself had to deal with a broken toaster that day.

Who would you count among your influences in the fields of art, culture and literature?
My earliest influences were the ‘obvious’ artists such as Picasso, Dali, Cezanne and Matisse. But I also loved and was greatly influenced by comic books such as the Archie Comics and MAD Magazine. My biggest literary influences are the children’s books writers such as Roald Dahl, Calef Brown and Shel Silverstein; all of whom I find hilarious. I also love Barry Yourgrau who writes surreal flash fiction.