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Kuwait Blind Association Sports Complex


“Mute the vision; augment the senses”. This statement was the backbone of defining a sports facility for the visually impaired community. Centered around a ‘goal ball’ internal court and a ‘sound garden’ external courtyard, a series of ramps mediate these with support programs along the perimeter.

The rhythm of light and color, wrapping the building envelope, orient the users of the building, most of who can perceive shades and lights. The colors simulate the interplay between gender, level, and program to become indexical to the visually impaired of their whereabouts. The openness relates to the facade orientation allowing in more light on the ground level and gradually less on upper levels. The building is ADA compliant.


Client: Kuwait Blind Association
Design Architect: PAD10 (Principal Architects: Naji Moujaes, Johnny Salman;
Project Team: Alia Alazzeh, Rohan Almeida, Raymund Yadao, Samantha Rodrigues;
Architect of Record/ Engineering Consultants: SSHIC;
Client Representative: Abdalla Al-Shaar, Injaz