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Marcel Duchamp


Dadaism found one of its strongest proponents in Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968), painter and mixed media artist. And although he desired to avoid labeling his creations, he was also associated with Cubism and Surrealism. He was famed for eliciting outraged and shocked reactions from his audience through his exercises in pushing the boundaries of contemporary art of the early twentieth century.
By the advent of World War I, he had rejected art he termed “retinal”, that which served only the eye. He proceeded to create art that would involve the mind of the viewer. He argued that art was defined by the title that an artist ascribed to it. He involved viewers in art with their varied responses, making them ‘co-partners’ in his creations. His series of ‘readymades’ brought art into the mundane. Although some of his avant garde creations were rejected by most art institutions, Duchamp’s work has found much acclaim among artists and critics alike in later years.