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Offshore Urbanism


LEBANON – Militarily weak, internally unstable, ecologically deforesting, and socio-economically paralyzed are the intersecting setbacks across which ‘Offshore Urbanism’ breeds. Local frailties and regional challenges are reinterpreted into a large scale urban act, a temporary exodus to nowhere, to undo socio-georgraphical and religio-psychological constructs.

Seasonal External Aggressions:
The blue of Lebanon’s summer skies is periodically scarred by Israeli fighter jets. The reasons are many, yet  infrastructural destruction, aborted tourists’ influx, economic paralysis, and population displacement are common to the aftermath. The last was summer of 2006, between July 12 and August 14, where 7,000 Israeli air attacks resulted in the displacement of 25 per cent of the Lebanese population, 120 destroyed bridges, more than 1,000 casualties, and 4 million cluster bombs still around.