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Pop Culture & Beauty


Popular Culture: Making Sense of Life

In his book Understanding Theology and Popular Culture, Prof. Gordon Lynch explains popular culture as “providing a range of resources that shape the way in which people make sense of and experience their life.” Citation: (page 31) He argues that ‘People may be inducted into the ideas, values, and beliefs of different forms of popular culture through a range of structured, ritualized activities such as attended Star Trek conventions, going to dieting meetings, taking part in on-line discussion groups, or watching a film in a cinema.”
Indeed, pop culture is a huge part of our life exposed to us through the world of pop art, advertising, art, film, television, sports, lifestyle, media outlets, novels, recipes etc. It is omnipresent in our daily life; entertaining and shaping our thinking and way of life.

Beauty: More than skin-deep

What is beauty?
This isn’t a simple question; it’s a dialectic one! There is no complete and final definition of beauty. Although one might consider beauty to be composed of material or physical matter, it is something that goes beyond flesh and blood.

Beauty in the Mirror of the Popular Culture