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Post-Arab Spring Square P.A.S.S.


An urban action calls to connect the city to its sea and the institutions to the people. We call for diverting the Arabian Gulf Road below ground and erasing the urban infrastructures all around, except for the civic and governmental institutions.

A public park with lush landscape surrounds and connects national and architectural beacons that will become platforms of constructive expressions and aspirations. The National Museum, the National Assembly, the National Library, Dar Al-Athar al-Islamiyya (DAI), among other ‘pavilions’ in the landscape, proliferate public performance areas within the landscape or that open to it, all at a walking or cycling distance from one another. These areas are connected to parks and recreational areas, green meadows, sand beaches, sports fields, etc. stretching along 1 mile of coastline encounter.

Opportunistically, in this setting, urbanism has the capability to channel all aspirations of constructive nature through the pillars of a nation represented through legislative and cultural institutions that refocus the identity of Kuwait and play a proactive role in shaping its future; this will be the first civic place of national scale.