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Serialism Serialism


Catalogue Vol. 1 (New York. 2001-2000)
‘Odd Side Of Broadway’ is a photographic documentation of the west side of Broadway, from Battery Park through the Bronx. It took one hundred 200ASA 35 mm rolls, in seven trips from 7 am to 12 noon, in the fall of 2000-01, to transform the miles of street into a 500-foot strip of snapshots.
The operation registers the front façade strip from street level up to about a 30-foot height. It does not take into consideration the skyline or the city silhouette. It isolates itself from what is above and below to focus on the intersection of the oblique avenues in relation to the grid and its built context. Shot during weekend mornings, the project excludes the registers of daily human activity
– which are temporal – and instead focuses on the language of the built fabric.


Catalogue Vol. 2 (New York, New Orleans, Boston, Niagara Falls, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco. 2002)
128 days frontal and profile digital photos are snapped to catalogue hair growth. The photos are overlaid
sequentially on Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s “Untitled” (Death by Gun).

By Naji Moujaes